Slots are the liveliest and most exciting games – both in the best online casinos and in real casinos.

Since the Internet boom, so many themes, bonus rounds and other features have appeared at these games creating a huge selection of slot machines.

Since there are so many more varieties of slot machines, it makes sense to spend some time and develop a game strategy. Whether you are a seasoned casino expert, an advanced player, or a complete beginner, with these online casino tips you will learn how to play for free and win at the slot machines.

Complicated online slots reduce the chances of winning

Complex slot machines with more paylines, bonus rounds and multipliers usually have lower odds of winning. More features also mean more symbols and more reels, resulting in lower payout odds. For this reason, players are more likely to win small winnings on these slots or trigger a bonus feature such as free spins.

In some cases, small winnings can add up. For beginners it makes sense not to complicate the game and play for free or for money in 3-reel classics with one payline. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t play more complicated slot machines, since it can be fun as well. Sometimes lower odds and more complicated rules just make the game more exciting.

Don’t think about mandatory winnings

Winnings on slot machines are paid out completely randomly in any gambling club available from huge selection of casinos. Wins and losses are controlled by a random number generator. This means that, in principle, there are no lucky or unlucky streaks. With each spin you have a new chance to win.

By no means think that a win is “overdue” just because it hasn’t been there for a while. That is simply not true. Don’t waste your money in pursuit of a “due” win.

RTP at online casinos – high or low payout odds?

Slots have either high or low payout odds. Slots with higher payout ratios provide more frequent and regular winnings. Conversely, slots with low payout ratios tend to have low odds of winning. In theory, slots are programmed to pay players a certain percentage of deposits but on practice everything is completely random outcome. So which RTP is better? – It’s up to you to decide. But you need to consider this, low RTP provides rare wins but much larger than the ones provided frequently in high RTP games.

It also should be noted that all top casino games like these –, are checked for honest RNG by independent testing labs before they are published on licensed casino sites. This ensures fairness because the outcome of the games should be controlled by a random number generator only.

Stop at the right moment

As with any other game of chance, when playing slots, fun should always come first. Play with set limits: decide how much you can afford to win or lose. Under no circumstances should players try to “win back” losses, because this usually leads to more losses.

If the game ceases to be enjoyable, players should stop playing it. All reputable online casinos, including new gaming casinos, have a “Responsible Gaming” section. Here, players can get information on how to set their own limits to control their gambling passion.

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