Massive Explosion Reported In Beirut, Lebanon

Anti-Cop Insanity in Portland Just Took Down a Ridiculous Target. The folks at Portland’s Northwest Film Center were planning on showing ‘Kindergarten Cop’ as part of their drive-in movie series of films.

Nolte – Seattle Protesters Turned Away When Confronted by Armed Residents: ‘That’s Why You Are Peaceful’  Left-wing protesters were chased off by armed residents in the Seattle suburbs … and it was glorious.

St. Louis Woman Pepper-Sprays Pizza Restaurant Employees After She Was Told to Leave for Not Wearing a Mask. Police were called on Sunday after a St. Louis woman sprayed employees at the Incredible Pizza Company after they asked her to leave for not wearing a face mask.



Attendees hold "Blacks For Trump" during a campaign rally with U.S. President Donald Trump in Pensacola, Florida, U.S., on Friday, Dec. 8, 2017.

Black Trump Supporters March Through Los Angeles


Where’s Sleepy Joe’s Support? Trump Signs Are Everywhere But Sleepy Joe Signs Are Nowhere to be Found

A cross with Jesus (front) and a painting with Joseph and Jesus (back) are seen inside St. Joseph's church, also known as Wangfujing church, in Beijing on January 25, 2018.

China Removes Crosses From Churches, Elderly Man Allegedly Thrown On Ground For Trying To Stop It


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